Mali – 2000 –

Irene López de Castro: Malí

Freedom comes from knowledge; Irene Lopez de Castro  conveys both feelings through her painting. An excellent sketcher, painter with clear confidence in what she does, Irene takes us to the universe of Mali, strongly, gently, with the nostalgia and magic that surrounds the villages by the Niger River.

I know Irene, I’ve followed her career for almost 15 years, since the beginning she attracted me as an artist and as a person, there is something special about her and that something materializes in her work, whether painting, drawing or photography. At a crucial point in her career at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid all her thinking and her artistic ability were shaken by the knowledge, the images and the life of the people who visited in the Republic of Mali. She met on the ground all the plasticity of a real universe that has all the color, the atmosphere and excitement of an attractive world that evokes the epic exploration of Africa.

It is difficult that Irene´s paintings are exceeded by any other image of those places,  that take us to those people, to that river, to perceive that climate. When I was alone in her studio looking at her work, I thought I felt something of that world, something of the feeling that moves Irene to paint with that strength and love. The portraits are touching, they look, they breathe, they seem to love you. The landscapes and the markets even seem to have sound, in some cases, wind, heat, in other cases bustle.

Looking at this paintings we feel good, this seems important to me,   Irene Lopez de Castro   is an important, sincere, true painter, has strength and courage and contemplating her artworks increases our passion for art.

Pedro Saura Ramos
Photographer of National Geographic and Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts Madrid