De Benares a Tombuctú – 2013 –

De Benarés a Timbuktú

Simplicity and precision are constant features in the travel journals of Irene Lopez de Castro, beautiful strokes running sketch giving the height of a box. And the light, always that light that it merges with the mist to achieve the emotional impact that his idyllic landscapes, portraits that speak of another humanity, parallel and foreign, orchestrated serenity.

Some of the details and focuses them to develop a pictorial activity outside the dictates of the trend, the great enemy of personality. His nimble lines give way to a dream images. Ocher and blue outline lakes or buildings populated by passing boats and unique characters. His painting shows us distant worlds, exotic cultures, evocative aromas and peace that renews thinking to discover why Rudyart Kipling considered cheating both success and failure. With his paintings, Irene opens a window into understanding to appreciate what different. A tireless traveler, portrays a life that exists outside and unchanged by the passage of time, a reality that runs through trackless paths conflict and owner of an order that we find far because transpires beauty. His career runs primarily in Europe-France and Italy although presented periodically in Spain. As this time, exposing the Antonio de Sufier Gallery an exhibition of his work in India and Africa.